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Picture Gallery

Our gallery contains a small selection of photographs from some of the projects Heritage Walling has undertaken. It's so difficult to capture the beauty of stone in a photograph, but we hope these photographs help to illustrate the types of projects we undertake and the quality of our craftsmanship. For a description of each photo, simply scroll over it and a pop-up box will appear. For a closer look, click on the photo.

29980_Gal1 - Boundary wall.jpg 22177_Gal2 - Front view of wall and house.jpg ceac5_Gal3 - Front view.jpg 676fe_Gal4 - Feature walls and steps.jpg f5dac_Gal5 - Curving steps.jpg 12be3_Gal6 - Curving steps (2).jpg c2c3a_Gal7 - Beautiful new stone.jpg 9cc3b_Gal8 - An egg like feature.jpg 6f15d_Gal9 - Steps.jpg 2e0c4_Gal10 - A blade of water.jpg a3b8a_Gal11 - Boundary wall.jpg 04311_Gal12 - House name in wall.jpg a7e5d_Gal13 - Boundary wall.jpg 6a1e8_Gal14 - Flat bedded stone.jpg 063d1_Gal15 - A stile with style.jpg ad008_Gal16 - Chatsworth feature wall.jpg 2124c_Gal17 - Chatsworth seat.jpg 27b6c_Gal18 - A major project.jpg e7370_Gal19 - Curves add interest.jpg 48a52_Gal20 - Kerridge stone.jpg 72eb7_Gal21 - Plantings by wall.jpg 31a71_Gal22 - Four metre wall.jpg 922e4_Gal23 - Designer project.jpg f29d9_Gal24 - A simple yet lovely gateway.jpg

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